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Hello, I'm Hannah Harriet.

Handmade plant pots uk

HH is my urban concrete studio based within the cobble street market town of Darlington, along side old English florists & cosy wine bars.

Concrete & wooden homewares, celebrating individuality, pattern, texture & imperfections.


Copper Square Pot

No two pieces are alike

From the size of the pot and the way the marbling shapes, to the colour of the pigment, replication is impossible. Each handcrafted item is made with quirks and individuality.

Trio of Pineapples

Pineapple planters

Hannah Harriet is known for the pineapples. Cast from a real pineapple, each pot is as individual as we are. Use these pots to hold plants, pens and make up brushes.  

Copper Top Pot

Home styling

I love seeing my pots in their new homes. Please keep in touch with me on Instagram by using hashtag #handcraftedbyhh so I can see how you've styled them.